Sinclair Obiora, an up and coming british director, approached LÉON studio to create titles for his short film 'It's Here', a suspense/horror piece centred around a lab experiment gone wrong. Working with comic book illustration frames provided by Sinclair, we transformed the frames into living, dynamic scenes that moves the viewer from one event to another and then finally into the first scene of the film.

Paul’s work on the It’s Here short film title sequence involved a lot of creative input in order to deliver the best piece of animated work I have seen in a long time. Paul’s ideas for the sequence excited me and I was rewarded with more than I expected within a short period of time. His natural ability to tell a story through animation and graphic design for a short title sequence is exceptional and I was extremely delighted with the results. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough and I will definitely be working with Paul again in the future.
— Sinclair Obiora

Note: Audio effects are being reworked.